I know nothing about fume hoods.  Can you help me decide what is best for our applications?

Absolutely. We will find out if you need a walk in or bench top hood.What size you need, what size the room is, what types of chemicals and equipment you are using, what plumbing and electrical you may need.We will then quote you based on your answers, working very closely with you making changes along the way if we need.

Can you do custom fume hoods?

Yes. Our standardized hoods are on our quick ship program, but we specialize in customs, especially walk-ins.Customs are a big part of who we are.


Do you offer Bio Safety Cabinets?

No. We manufacture chemical fume hoods designed to remove chemical fumes and aerosols for the work area, protecting the user.Bio Safety cabinets protects the user, the environment, and the materials.Bio Safety uses a HEPA filter capturing the infectious agents.

Do you offer Acid and Flammable storage?

Yes. We have an entire line of casework all SEFA certified including Acid and Flammable storage.


Do you pre-wire/pre-plumb?

We absolutely do.This is not an added cost. Pre-wire and pre-pluming come standard on our fume hoods except for explosion proof.


What is your warranty?

We have a 10-year limited warranty on all product.

What are your lead times?

Our standard BV series fume hoods have a 2-4-week lead time.All other customer products are a case by case.


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