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At iQ Labs safety is the cornerstone on which we build each and every fume hood. Both our benchtop and floor-mounted fume hoods are tested to the ASHRAE 110 standard and have been proven over time to be of the highest quality and have been designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent safety and operational requirements.

We offer a wide range of models and are also a leader in custom fume hood design and manufacturing, giving you the flexibility to design your laboratory space without the constraints of bulky equipment. Attention to detail and expert craftsmanship is what sets us apart from our competition. Contact us today and let us help you with your next laboratory project. 


Our BV-series fume hood offers the performance and versatility for most laboratory applications.  Its cost-efficient modular design allows for precision factory assembly and easy field retrofitting.  Electrical and plumbing controls are mounted on the front-facing post surface.  Its full airfoil sash perimeter provides excellent airflow characteristics.  Following our tradition of designing function, durability and value into every hood, the BV comes equipped with a long list of standard features, making it an exceptional value and our most popular model.


The iQ floor-mounted hood designed to handle large laboratory equipment with roll-in accessibility.  The full airfoil design of the LA-series side posts promotes smooth airflow around the sash perimeter.  Wide Post (flat front) styles are also available.  Two independent full-framed vertical rising sashes are standard equipment.  Our distillation hood, a shorter version of the floor mounted hood, can be floor- or low table-mounted.  Drawing from a half century of hood-making experience, we build hoods to accommodate almost every variety of apparatus and procedure.


The radioisotope fume hood is designed for safe and convenient handling of low-level radioactive material.  Based on our LA-series superstructure, it features a one-piece Type 304 stainless steel interior with coved corners and integral work surface.  Access to plumbing is through exterior access panels only. 


The iQ perchloric acid fume hood is designed specifically for procedures using perchloric acid.  Based on our LA-series superstructure, it features a one-piece, cove-cornered Type 316 stainless steel interior with integral work surface and washdown system.  Regular use of the washdown system cleanses the hood interior of perchloric salts, which drain into a full-length sloped trough contained in the work surface. Access to plumbing is through exterior access panels only.  Due to the extreme reactivity of perchloric acid, this hood should be used FOR PERCHLORIC ACID ONLY. 


The LA-series fume hood offers the maximum in flexibility and performance.  Its welded superstructure can be customized to accommodate a variety of lab equipment and procedures.  The full-bias sash perimeter and multi-slotted baffle system provide optimal airflow characteristics, performing effectively down to 60 ft/min face velocity – important for “air-starved” rooms and general energy conservation.  In the our tradition of function, durability and value, the LA Series comes with a long list of standard equipment.


The Slimline is a non-airfoil fume hood designed for the K-12 market, intermittent use or chemical storage.  The narrow (1 ¼”) side posts allow for maximum interior work space, however do not accept fixtures.  Our paint spray booth utilizes the Slimline superstructure and exterior panels, minus the sash and baffle system.  In the Iroquois tradition of quality and value, the Slimline provides a cost-effective alternative where basic hood ventilation is required.


The iQ double-entry fume hood has two opposing sashes to allow demonstrations from either side of the fume hood.  Typical installations are on island casework or in a wall separating the classroom and prep room.  The sash counterweights are concealed in either sidewall, or alternatively in one sidewall to provide for a viewing window or plumbing fixtures in the opposing wall.  Due to the minimal baffling and uncontrolled air flow with both sashes open, the optional sash interlock is recommended to permit only one sash to be opened at a time.

Our standard BV and LA Series bench-top hoods are available for quick-ship at a standard lead time of 1 week from order to shipment from iQLabs.


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